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My 4x4 Fantasies


Whenever imagine myself traveling by car rental its always behind the wheel of a car that can do it all.  I need to ride around scenic mountain passes, I want to go over the rural rock roads, splash in the mud, and feel safe on snow; I prefer a 4x4.  I have no problem finding reasons why a 4x4 car hire is my best transportation option in any destination, be it city or rainforest, the problem often comes in justifying the cost.

Why would I feel cooler in London in a Toyota Rav4 car rental?  Maybe because I need everyone to know that I prefer the rougher roads, or maybe just because its the only SUV car rental available from Gatwick Airport during the travel dates I just searched for through the CarHireX search engine.  Unfortunately for me, it is more than 5 times as much as the popular economy cars!  Since I wouldn't likely be going off road in London my sensible self would force me to go for the more affordable option.

But what about car rental locations outside the city?  Are my 4 wheeling fantasies a bit more realistically priced where there might actually be a need for a vehicle with such capabilities?  Unfortunately not.  Though I may dream of driving through the English countryside in a 4x4 car hire, the locations that offer SUV rentals are few and far between.  Major airports were about the only place where I could even find one for rental during my hypothetical travel dates, and the price tag was similar to Gatwick.

Ok, scrap the UK 4x4 search.  What if I picked up a car rental a little closer to home, from the San Jose Airport in Costa Rica?  Here, in a destination where 4x4 car rentals are useful both in and out of the city (rough roads and plenty of rural landscapes to explore), the SUV car hire options were abundant and the prices were super low!  Still about twice what it would cost to rent the cheapest economy cars, but an excellent deal compared to SUVs car hires in other locations.

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