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Travel Complaints

What's the worst thing that has ever happened to you while traveling?  What should other travelers look out for so that they too can avoid spoiling a perfectly good vacation?  Were any of your holiday woes related to your car rental experience?  We welcome you to share your stories in the comments section and maybe you can make this year's holiday by car hire a little easier for the next person.

I did some scoping around on the internet and I found the top tree most common complaints from travelers were all related to flying.  We offer car hire pick up at all the major Airport locations, but sometimes it can be easier just to plan a road trip when possible.  The common kinks in the most well laid plans are caused by airlines, and not just the low cost carriers either.  Across the board they are guilty of highly inconvenient travel service such as not assisting travelers when a flight is delayed, lack of assistance with lost baggage, and incredibly long security checks that cause travelers to miss a connecting flight.

I once heard that an angry, unhappy man who wins the lottery will be a grouchy millionaire, and a happy-go-lucky man who suffers irreparable trauma to his legs will be a happy-go-lucky man in a wheel chair.  While some travelers will find their beach too sandy, their ice water too cold, and they're perpetually stuck waiting in line without air conditioning; others are pleasantly surprised to get a car rental other than the one they booked, enjoy the chance to drive slow in their car hire and see the city during bad traffic, and make great friends when they get lost and have to ask for directions.

Check out our travel guide section on Car Hire Policies to save yourself some time and frustration this travel season by becoming familiar rules of your car rental through

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