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The Little 4x4 That Could: Daihatsu Terios


Looking for the a reliable 4x4 car rental in your next destination?  Take a tip from the Costa Rica Star and go with the Daihatsu Terios.  The roads of Costa Rica are notoriously rough on car rentals.  Plagued with potholes, mountainous and curvy or coastal and dusty, often made of rocks or dirt; you know a car rental is worthy of your next adventure if it passes the test on Costa Rican roads!

Many popular destinations offer various levels of 4x4 car rentals, typically one luxury 4x4, one mid-range or 4x4/estate car rental mix, and one budget 4x4 that is like a compact car 4x4 crossover.  You are left pondering your search results, not wanting to spend so much of your vacation budget on a BMW X3 car rental, not needing the space (or the fuel bill) of a larger 4x4 like the Citroen C-Crosser or Ford Expedition, but wondering if the economy 4x4s will have the power you need to get around safely.

To clear up the questioning and save a little money, when you don't need much space, frills, or anything extra really the Daihatsu Terios car rental is a solid little 4x4 choice!  I found the review mentioned above is a very honest representation of the car rental's highlights and pitfalls; if your vacation would be ruined by a bumpy road then a smoother 4x4 than the Terios is what you're looking for.  If you feel the need to pass every car on the expressway and don't have the patience for slow, uphill ascents then a 4x4 car rental with more power than the Terios is for you, but if you are up for adventure, along for the ride, and not too picky about plasticky interiors then the Daihatsu Terios car hire four by four can get you where you're going!

Save the most on your Daihatsu Terios 4x4 car rental, as well as a wide variety of car rental vehicles to suit any vacation plans when you book through

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