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The Holiday of Your Dreams by Car Hire

For the love of laughter and good times, by any means necessary have a heart-warmingly wonderful vacation by car rental this year.  Connecting with family, being grateful for all you have, or traveling to enjoy your time away from work should be a joyful experience, one which you come back from saying "wow, that was the best holiday ever!"  Here are my top recommendations to really make your heart sing this holiday season.

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Make a Vision Board

How can you have the world's most perfect vacation?  You have to search within and find what a perfect vacation means in your world.  Begin by cutting out pictures from magazines or snagging photos from the web and make yourself a tangible or digital collage of sorts.  These images should be whatever the perfect holiday means to you, so if you want snow and the beach then put snow and the beach.  You might say "that's not possible, you can't have snow and the beach," and I would say "check out this article about the Sierra Nevada."  Begin with simple images, such as the type of car rental you would like and build your way up.

Find an Overwhelming Nature

The most awesome holiday experiences are ones in which very little needs to be done or bought above just enjoying the overwhelming beauty of nature.  Imagine the most stunning beach, a mysterious yet inviting trail through the rainforest, a mountain top view over the Arctic Circle.  These moments make impressions that last a lifetime, especially when shared with someone you love.

Be Honest To Get What You Want

Don't rent a Ford Focus when you really want a luxury car hire.  If driving a BMW convertible car hire will make your heart sing then make it happen.  Sometimes we settle because we are being practical with our money, and thats ok, but sometimes we settle for less because we aren't secure enough to justify an expense simply because we want it.  If a Ford Focus is not what your dreams are made of then how can you expect to have the vacation of your dreams in one?  Maybe you can justify the splurges that will make a difference by being more economical in other areas, for instance.  Why stay in a nice hotel?  Isn't the point to be out enjoying the town in the perfect car rental?

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