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Senegal's Pink Lake


Looking for the perfect romantic getaway?  What could be more romantic than floating effortlessly on a pink lake?  Lake Retba in Senegal is pink like a sweet candy heart, but salty like the dead sea, making it perfect for a relaxing float with your loved one.  Rent a car hire in Senegal for your romantic visit to Lake Retba.

Completely harmless and totally natural, the blush waters of Lake Retba get their hue from the halophilic cyanobacteria.  When it comes to natural wonders few reach the pleasantness of a pink pool!  You can reach these pink waters the French call "Lac Rose" with a cheap car rental from Dakar Airport. offers the best rates and variety of car rental vehicles available in Senegal.

Located in Western Africa, Senegal has a beautiful Atlantic coastline to the west and borders Guinea-Bissau to the South, Guinea to the Southeast, Mali to the east, and Mauritania in the north.  French speakers will have an easy time traveling by car hire in Senegal, but it is also helpful to know some Wolof, the native language of the Senegalese people.

Other popular attractions to check out during your tour of Senegal by car rental include the Fathala Reserve, where you can see giraffes, rhinos, elands, antelopes, and many birds; the stone circles of Nioro du Rip, Keur Ali Lobé, and Ker Batch, and the beautiful ports in Palmarin and Dakar.  Save the most on your trip to Senegal and book a cheap 4x4 car rental through CarHireX today.

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