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Selecting Souvenirs


The purchases from your trip by car rental, be it for business or leisure, are thought of as tokens to remember your experiences by.  They can also be a treasured gift with the added value of foreign origin.  You should have no problem finding mementos along the way in any of the thousands of car hire pick up locations we offer around the world, but here are a few suggestions for selecting the most unique, the most memorable, and the least expensive souvenirs when you travel.


From Jewelry to clothing and even furniture, handmade items bare the signature of the culture from which they came, even if it is a modern designer item from a fashion tour by car rental in New York.  Many parts of the world offer especially affordable and unique handcrafted items that would be up to ten times the price in a department store or shopping mall.  I purchased the jewelry above on my tour of Tepotzlan by car rental from Mexico City Airport.  Each cost $50 pesos, which is around $4.50 USD.  Three are made of 14k gold with real semiprecious stones, and the silver features hand inlaid shell.  

Foreign Major Labels

Italian shoes, a French dress, a Spanish handbag; popular name brands and top designers vary from country to country and the perfect souvenir can often be found in a huge department store or small boutique you don't have back home.  

Ticket Stubs, Matchbooks, and More

They say the best things in life are free and this can be true for souvenirs too!  You don't need to spend a dime to get a fun foreign magazine from your next flight.  Perhaps the visitor info at your car hire pick up office turns out to be a priceless treasure for remembering your stay.  I love ticket stubs and I especially love to save the ones from top museums when they are large and have a picture of one of the exhibits.

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