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Journaling by Car Hire

Writing down the events of days and weeks as they pass can turn into precious memories in the years to come or simply provide a record for remembering the order of important events in your life.  While it can sometimes be hard to find inspiration to keep a journal in amidst the day to day grind, journaling goes quite well along with travels by car hire.  Pick up a little book and scribble out some thoughts during this year's holiday travels.

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The Vessel 

Perhaps half the battle of cranking out diary entries is having a book begs to be written in.  During my recent travels by car hire through my home town my Aunt gave me this little Oscar Wilde Mini Journal Book as a gift.  Sad to say, I was traveling with my daughter and it was a rare moment when my hands were free so I have yet to begin, but as I sit and write this now I'm thinking of how much I would like to.  Perhaps I should set a date for my first entry... when is the next important calendar day?  No, I think I will wait until I feel inspired.

The Comittment

Journaling any old time of the year can become a chore if you are less than inspired by your life.  However, journaling while you are out on the road, seeing new sights and having once-in-a-lifetime experiences should be a piece of cake.  Modern technology has even taken it a step further and made your recorded travels into easy online entertainment for your friends and family (or just a fun, interactive online journal for yourself) with websites like

The Inspiration

Follow your dreams or follow your instincts.  Seek out the top tourist sites in your next destination or follow the most interesting-looking roads.  The best part about creating a vacation by car rental is you are free to drive to the world's most awe-inspiring sights, then turn around and leave if it wasn't what you were looking for.  Check out our list of Top 10 Winter Ski Resorts by car hire for some ideas about how and where you would like to spend this year's vacation. 

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