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Hypermiling and Fuel Economy

Even with the sharp rise in petrol prices travel by car rental on vacation is still far more affordable for a family than flying, when possible.  However, that doesn't mean its not far more expensive to drive today than in years gone by.  Plan well for upcoming winter vacations and learn some tips and tricks to maximize your fuel economy.  You can get the best price on a fuel-efficient, economy car rental through

Recently I've brought you some information about fuel economy and the best car rentals to choose to save money on petrol in the United States and the United Kingdom.  As a compliment to that line of thought today I bring you this short video about a guy who "hypermiles" to get nearly twice the gas mileage out of his car as the manufacturer states is the average! 

In addition to the great fuel saving tips I brought you in Fuel Economy in the UK, and these tips from CNN, I suggest taking all unneeded items out of your trunk.  This can be a great tip for travelers to remember, and the lighter you can pack for that next road trip the more you will save on fuel.  During the upcoming winter holiday make sure you unload equipment like skis before you drive your car rental to a destination other than the slopes.  

If you didn't think fuel saving driving tips could save you money on your next vacation I hope you've been impressed by this video.  Imagine stretching your car hire tank an extra 20-30%!  Think of all the money you would save on refueling!

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