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Dog-friendly Car Rentals

Choosing the right car hire for a vacation with your pet is an important task.  Modern car rentals come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and offer a multitude of seating configurations in the interior.  You will find the most flexible seating arrangements in multi-passenger vehicles, with several seven seater car rentals being both easy to drive and affordable.

For families traveling with a dog the space and seat folding options of a 7 seater car rental make travel much easier.  Consider the 7 seater Chevrolet Orlando rental car.  In this picture below you can see what the interior looks like with the two rear rows of seats folded down.  As you can imagine, this gives you the option to fold down the second row for a nice, easy to clean space for a pet, have passengers in the third row, and stow all your luggage in the rear. 

Chevrolet Orlando Car Hire

Several of the other 7 seater cars, such as the Honda Pilot car hire, have seats in the third row that are noticeably smaller than the first and second row, and while some say these seats are only fit for children we tend to disagree.  In fact with three rear row seats the Honda Pilot car rental is actually an 8 seater car, and we think those three rear row seats are perfect for securing up to three small-to-mid-sized pooches.  

Honda Pilot car hire

Planning a trip for two, just you and your own personal man's best friend?  Scale it down a couple notches with the Suzuki Jimny Soft car rental.  This fuel-efficient two door 4x4 car hire can get you to any adventure with style and comfort. The back seat is easy for dogs to get in and out of through with front seats that fold and slide forward, no need to load the dog in through the luggage compartment. 

Suzuki Jimny Soft car rental


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