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50 Most Popular Cars

When you're planning a trip out of town it can be hard to decide which kind of car rental to hire. Certain factors of your trip can make it easier, for instance if you need to travel with 5 or more people you will want to book a 7 seater car hire, or if you plan to drive through rural areas or rugged terrain you will want a 4x4 car rental. But how do you decide when your vacation doesn't require something so specific?

I found this great list on of the Top 50 Most Popular Vehicles. Now, this isn't specifically for car rental vehicles, but it does give you a good idea what cars people are regularly looking.

Several of the cars on this list can be booked as a rental car from the airport or other location of your choice, such as the Honda CRV car rental (number 4 on the list), and the BMW 3 Series car hire (the first luxury rental listed at number 20).

If you are in the market to buy one of these popular vehicles why not reserve one as a car rental in your next vacation destination? A great way to find the right car for you is to book it for a road trip and spend a couple days driving a car before you make any long term commitments.  In contrast, many travelers who think they would like to own a SUV have changed their mind after hiring one for ground transportation while they are on vacation due to their poor fuel economy or lack of maneuverability. 

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