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Winter Sun Exposure Warnings

If you plan to be spending time in the sun during your winter holiday by car rental it is important to be aware of your exposure and take the appropriate precautions.  Both winter holiday makers on the ski slopes and on the beaches will find sunshine a factor in their daily plans, and if you are practical and smart, plan ahead, and follow these tips below you can enjoy the sunshine during your winter holiday by car rental.


Beware of Sunscreen

A sunny ski slope and a sandy beach are both places where you may be tempted to lather up with the creamy "sun protection," but in actuality most sunscreens simply prevent you from getting burned and do little to protect you from the most damaging UV rays of the sun.  In addition, there is rising evidence in the harm they cause to the body, naming sunscreen as a possible cause of cancer, free radicals, estrogenic toxins and more.  There are a few sunscreen products on the market with a relatively "clean ingredients list.  Check out Avalon Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen

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Dress for the Sun

Make sure you're dressed for the part when you plan to be in the sun, and I don't just mean with your bathing suit on.  Accessories such as sun hats and sunglasses are great ideas, and a sun hat is a must for babies kids on the beach because it will go a long way to prevent burns on sensitive little faces.  

Limit the Worst Exposure

The harshest hours for sunshine are between 10AM and 2PM.  This may vary depending on your vacation spot, but it is important to remember that when the sun is highest in the sky you will have the greatest chance of receiving a damaging burn.  If you are spending your Winter Sun Holiday in places like Jamaica or the Canary Islands, you may want to completely avoid these hours and plan your beach visits early in the morning or later in the afternoon.  Skiers in typically sunny slopes like Spain's Sierra Nevada by car hire can simply plan a long lunch from around eleven to one and that should save them from the worst of the winter rays.  You can even make up missed time with flood-lit night skiing.

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