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Surviving Summer Vacation with Essential Oils


With everyone preparing for their summer travel by car rental brings you the best tips to enjoy your travels.  We've got all the Life Hacks for your trip to the beach, the best car rentals to drive on summer vacation, and today we bring you a super-fresh tip to cope with everything nature might throw your way on a summer holiday; natural essential oils.  

Oil Essences of Nature

Allergies, insects, scrapes and bruises, burns and blisters, stings, and a number of other inconvenient things can all put the brakes on your summer fun by car rental, but did you know there is an essential oil to aid with each one of these situations?  Called soothing, therapeutic, and sometimes medicinal, the secondary compounds which are extracted from flowers, herbs, trees, spices, and citrus are crafted into easy-to-use oils.  With a little knowledge on how to use essential oils and the right selection for your needs you can put together an awesome natural element to your car rental first aid kit!

Creating a Kit

The first step is to research and find out which essential oils might be helpful for your specific group in your destination.  A great place to start is with the Essential Oil Outdoor Adventure Guide from Living Magazine.  The guide has excellent essential oil suggestions to combat the full range of common summertime issues, from bug bites to hiking blisters.  Once you've decided which you would like to try you need to find a high-quality brand of oils.  The article is focused around dôTERRA essential oils, a brand which is widely available, easy to use, and made from very pure ingredients.  Find a dôTERRA distributor near you on their website.

Get Natural in Nature

Essential oils should not replace the standard first aid kit, but they're an excellent way to be more natural while you're out in nature, and avoid spreading chemicals like bug spray around in the environment and on your family.  Enjoy a natural vacation this year and save money with cheap summer car rentals from

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