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Protect Valuables in Your Luggage

Do you have several valuable items which you plan to take the next time you travel?  Business travelers typically travel with several electronic devices, such as a laptop or pad computer, and even tourists typically have valuable items such as digital cameras and smart phones.  How can travelers keep their valuables and other important items safe from theft inside their luggage?

One of the easiest ways a traveler can keep track of their suitcases and the items therein is to travel by car rental, where you can be sure you are the only person to handle your luggage.  Unfortunately for most travel isn't always this simple (even when car rental does play a role in your travel transportation).  From untrustworthy airport security to pick pockets, and even hotel or resort staff, items have been known to disappear from the luggage of travelers to all parts of the world in countless different circumstances.  

Few viable solutions have been offered, but I really like this short video below by Mike Adams from Natural News.  In the video Mike walks you through a method of locking your valuable items together, and even locking them into the structure of your suitcase, making it far more difficult (though still not impossible) for thieves to quickly snatch any one item.  Of course, entire bags have been known to disappear, but in thwarting theft of the more sneakier kind I don't think Mike's method can be beat!

The safest place for valuables while traveling in your car rental is locked inside the boot.  There they may be protected by your car rental insurance policy.  For more information about these and other car rental policies check out our Travel Guide section.


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