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Places That Don't Exist offers car rental in more than 200 countries, covering virtually every corner of the globe where tourism, business travel, and any other travel would take you.  So what else is left?  Are there places in the world where we don't provide car rental?  Are there places in the world which, as the journalist Simon Reeve says, don't exist?

We do in fact offer car rental in Azerbaijan, Moldova, Georgia, and several of the locations he Simon Reeve visits in his series Places That Don't Exist, although travel to many of the areas he highlights which are in limbo is limited, restricted, or advised against for safety reasons.  Basically, there are several states throughout the world which consider themselves separate countries although they are not officially recognized by any other government or global entity.  Places such as Somaliland, for example, have their own functional government; Transnistria prints its own currency and stamps, yet they are denied so many rights and privileges simply because their nation is not recognized.

There are plenty of ways to be daring on your next travel by car rental without crossing the border into an unrecognized state of a country in civil disagreements.  The series, Places That Don't Exist, is available to watch for free on and is worth watching if only to discover a bit about some places in the world which you may otherwise never learn about.  It is amazing how the travel industry has made numerous obscure locations into household names seemingly overnight, or at least within one or two travel seasons, dramatically changing a location's economy and the quality of life for many places with high unemployment.  Therefore, it wouldn't surprise me in the least if something magical were to be found in one of these locations and tourists suddenly began to flock there.   

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