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Pick Pockets and Personal Theft Prevention


Any regular traveler will eventually have items turn up missing or blatantly stolen at some point.  Think I'm cynical?  Pessimistic maybe?  The exact numbers and pickpocket statistics are impossible to calculate since the majority of incidents go unreported.  Since even thefts which are reported are commonly downgraded or brushed aside by authorities, it's fair to say that if the police force of Barcelona reports 6,000 thefts per day just to visitors the odds are not in your favor.  Here are a few new tips I've picked up to avoid pick-pockets and protect your valuables while traveling by car hire.

The timeless art of the pick pocket

The Trunk is Your Purse Case

It is very important to remember that your car rental through comes with excellent car rental insurance which will cover personal property loss up to a certain value, but only if it was secured in the trunk or locked glovebox of the vehicle.  At any time when you could be distracted, like when keeping an eye on children at play or touring area attractions, ask yourself "would my purse/bag or other important items be better off in the trunk?"  Save yourself anxiety and take the needless risk of theft out of many travel situations by thinking of your car rental boot as a giant safety case for your purse.

Impermeable Unmentionables

What could be better than hiding money in your bra?  Stashing it in the pocket in your panties!  You can't go wrong with a pocket in your thong (or boy short, long johns, tank top, and men's boxer brief).  So cleverly crafted your mom will kick herself for not thinking of it, I just love the styles and variety of pocket undies from the Clever Travel Companion.

Stay safe, guard the important stuff, and save money this travel season with a cheap car rental from

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