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Perfect Your Parallel Parking


Those of our readers who live and drive in the city every day might find this hard to believe, but a great many drivers do not know how to parallel park.  Actually, perhaps it is precisely the city drivers who will appreciate this post most!  Hopefully I can shed some light on a tricky driving skill and a few more vacationers who visit cities by car hire like New York, where parallel parking skills are a necessity, will be better prepared.

It is important to be able to parallel park your car rental in the proper way, not just to do what we call "pulling up to the curb."  Not only will it make your life easier when parking a car hire in London, but common driving courtesy in cities around the world requires drivers to be able to signal and reverse into the spot in the universal 3-point park.  What is the three point parallel park?  Watch the video below for an excellent explanation:

This video leaves out a couple of very important points, in my opinion.  First, if you are new to parallel parking you should practice before your trip by car renal.  It is incredibly common to touch, tap, ding, or bump the cars in front and behind you in the tight spaces of big cities.  Messing up the paint jobs on either car could cause problems on your holiday.  Remember, practice makes perfect, and there is no spacial skill we are perfect at the first time we attempt it.  Second, it is common to find you are holding up a lane of traffic while you parallel park.  This is when the 3-point thing I mentioned earlier becomes vital.  Cars will be waiting to rush past you as soon as your car is tucked enough out of the lane, so pulling up and reversing 100 times or even 5 times to close the gap between your car rental and the curb may not be an option.

Save the most on your car rental by booking through, and happy parallel parking!

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