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Life Hacks: Beach Holiday


Are you ready for you ready for your beach vacation by car rental?  You've chosen a destination, you've gotten the tickets, maybe you're even booking spa days, but are you totally prepared for the sun and sand that comes along with the beach?  Even if you think you are check out these great tips below and you might find a new life hack to make your beach holiday by car rental much easier.

Homemade Sunshade

This sunshade is super fast and easy to make, and unlike a huge sun umbrella, it can be made to fit inside even the tiniest of convertible car rental boots.  Telescoping poles would make it super nice, which may be something you have at home, but just in case you don't would you believe there is an entire store for that?  You can pick up two telescoping poles for your beach sunshade for less than $30 from

Can't Go Wrong with a Sarong

Possibly the most versatile beach accessory, a sarong can be your beach blanket, serve as a towel, a beach shade (see above), and I've even seen one tied into a shoulder bag to carry beach gear!  There are endless ways to tie a sarong into a beach cover-up. has a great how-to video on sarong tying to get you started.  Sarongs are a popular souvenir items in many beach destinations.

When Unluckily Stuck

If your car hire happens to get stuck in the sand don't fret, take a tip from The National to get out of a sand dune.  While getting stuck can be a great way to make new friends as helpful passersby come to lend a hand, it is important to know what to do in case your secluded, romantic beach tries to claim your car rental.  Deflating the tires a bit for more traction and going super easy on the accelerator seem to be the keys to rolling free of the sand.

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