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Is Chauffeur Car Rental Right For You?


Popular car rental providers from Avis to Europcar offer chauffeur driven car hire services, as well as several independent car hire companies around the world.  Is a Chauffeur-driven car rental right for you?  Depending on the nature of your travels, the destination, and how often you will actually be needing ground transportation during your stay perhaps it is an option to consider.

Chauffeur, Japan

Major Cities

If you've read travel advice about traveling in any major city from London to New York you've likely read that renting a car is to be avoided at all costs, or something like that.  Well what about groups who want to tour together for the day?  Or business professionals on a tight schedule?  Some travel simply requires private transportation, so why not go for a driver as well and not have to worry about directions?  

Foreign Roads

Forget any differences in traffic regulations, what if your next destination uses an entirely different alphabet than yours?  Though I'm sure you're capable of learning the 500 or so common Chinese characters you would encounter on roadsides throughout the vast country of China, why not save yourself the hassle and hire a chauffeur driven car rental?

Chauffeur Only 

There are a few car rental pick up locations of the several thousand in our car rental database that are Chauffeur only.  When this comes up in your search results don't be surprised, it just means that you get to kick back and relax and leave the driving to the experts.  One example is the West African country Côte d'Ivoire.  No matter where you pick up your next car rental and who will be driving it you can save the most money when you book online through

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