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GMO Bans and Tourism


Could the GMO battle have an effect on the future of tourist destinations?  Millions of educated consumers rightly question the safety of Genetically Modified crops and more than a dozen countries have already banned them.  In addition to avoiding negative effects on the health of their population and environment, could banning GMOs be a way for countries to secure their stance as top location for car rental?

Tourism is a huge industry, vital for many countries and integral to most major economies.  If travelers vote with their vacations and begin to select GMO-free destinations over countries agriculturally dominated by GMO giants like Monsanto the economic impact would be evident in just one travel season.  

Travelers looking for countries where they can be safe from GMO foods on car rental vacation can now add Peru to the list, for the next 10 years at least.  As reported by the Peruvian Times, Peru placed a ten year ban on genetically modified seeds and foods this month, and the punishment for violating the ban is set at steep fines and destruction of goods.  Aimed at preserving Peru's biodiversity and supporting local farmers, this is the best action Peru could have done to protect the wonderful variety of multicolored corn species grown in the Andean region.  Save the most on your Peru car rental through  

You can keep up to date with GMO news such as the latest GMO bans around the world on What's your stance on genetically modified foods in your travel destinations?  How will it impact your future plans for travel by car rental?  Let us know in the comments below.

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