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Full Body Scanners in US Airports to be Retested

At a time when the world is nervous about the raido-active aftermath of the Fukushima power plant failures in Japan, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced that it needs to retest its full-body scanners because they may be emitting too much radiation - as much as 10 times more than intended!

Most people are aware of how dangerous X-ray scanners are if they have ever been through or witnessed the procedure in a hospital. The TSA plans to retest 247 full body X-ray scanners at 38 airports that emit ionizing radiation after maintenance records on some of the devices showed radiation levels 10 times higher than expected.

This, combined with other recent inconveniences with flying such as the rising cost of baggage have led many people to opt for a car hire and drive when possible. With appealing options, such as a 7 seater car hire that can fit all your luggage and one way car rentals that don't require a round trip to return the vehicle, car rental has become easier than ever.

TSA says it will continue to release the test results from maintenance tests for the approximately 4,500 X-ray devices at airports across the United States. These devices include machines that examine checked luggage as well as the full body scanners.  In the mean time, you can avoid the scanners as well as the radiation you're exposed to in flight and enjoy the scenery between your destinations as you drive a car hire.


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