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February Beach Trip by car hire

This morning a friend of mine suggested we take a trip to the beach by car rental in February, when she gets back from visiting her family in Mexico over the holidays.  Though I hadn't thought of it before, a trip to the beach in the month of February sounded pretty good!  The more I considered it the more reasons I came up with why this was not only a perfect time for me to take a trip to the beach, but I became convinced that February might just be the best month for anyone to go! 

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Great Chances for Great Weather

Here in Central America, February is the equivalent of Summer.  It is the peak of the dry season, which isn't entirely dry just as the rainy season isn't always gray and rainy.  The odds are good that we will have plenty of time in the sunshine if we plan a trip to the beach in Costa Rica this coming February by San Jose Airport car hire.  Other great beaches to visit in February for their climate include the Canary Islands by car rental and Egypt's Red Sea.

Few Tourists

Here in Costa Rica the holiday rush tends to trickle down to a very reasonable pace by February.  The resort areas and beaches are still populated enough to be fun and sociable, but the party scene has died down and the families have all but vanished.  South Africa is also a great beach destination in February in regards to the amount of tourists you will find and the pace of the beach resorts.


Although here in Costa Rica and in many places February is still considered the "High Season", we will not need to pay for "Holiday Season" rates during our trip.  This means the hotel prices will be 10-20% less, we will probably be able to find special and promotional rates on any activities we would like to do, and of course, we will be able to get the cheapest car rental rates from

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