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Dangers of a Hot Car Hire


With travelers from all over the world renting cars in sunny locations for summer fun it is a good time to remind everyone of the dangers of a hot car.  Whether or not you're lucky enough to live in a place where the sun shines, you might not be prepared for what can happen inside your car rental when parked at your favorite beach location.  Although this video is positively ridiculous, this is an excellent explanation of why your car rental gets so hot.

Never Leave Kids in the Car Hire

This is a solid parenting rule across the board, no matter what climate you happen to be in, yet every year dozens of parents make this mistake.  Most often we hear about babies who succumb to heat when left unattended in a vehicle, but even allowing your exhausted (and mature) teen to nap in the car rental instead of attending an activity is dangerous.  The hot car statistics from WebMD should be enough to make any parent cringe.

Never Leave Your Pets Alone in the Car Hire

Aside from the fact that a nervous dog or cat left alone in the car rental can find ways of destroying the interior you wouldn't even think of, and in effect cost you a lot of money, it just isn't safe.  If you love your fur-ever friend enough to bring him on your trip by car hire then why would you risk his life? has some great advice about dogs in a hot car and tips on what you can do to help a dog in a car that appears to be in distress.

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