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Car Rental Reviews

When it comes time to buy a new car or rent a vehicle you might not be familiar with it always help to read a few reviews.  There are several well known sites which offer great reviews of cars to help you decide which car rental vehicle or new personal car is the best for your trip or lifestyle.  Reviews can also give you great tips about which model years shine above the rest.  

On we have a great list of Car Rental Vehicles that we add to all the time, but these articles simply provide basic information about the car without going into too much detail about specific specs like the engine, available extras, or pros and cons.  For this kind of information it is best to check the professional reviewers.

Top Gear

If you like cars and you aren't familiar with the excellent car reviews by Top Gear then you're really missing out.  Their reviews are thorough and written with a no-holds-barred whit that shows the charm and general passion for cars of the Top Gear drivers.  However, consumers beware: make sure you check the year, make and model of the car review before making any decisions on your next purchase!  Back in January of 2007 they didn't have very good things to say about the BMW X3 (only 7 out of a possible 20 points), but a later review of the newer model in 2011 has a much more positive result.  Most rental agencies have the latest model cars, so this is something to keep in mind.


While Edmunds is geared more towards the United States, their reviews do cover several vehicles that are in both US and foreign or only in the European/UK markets.  The style is completely different from Top Gear, their website isn't nearly as flashy, but I like Edmunds and their straight forward reviews.  They may not be as well written with as much humor and bite, but they are great for finding out the exact down low on a plethora of car hire makes and models, and virtually any car rental in the United States. 

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