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Car Rental Carbon Offsetting

Recycling, renewable resources, climate change, saving the environment, green living, green vacations, and green just-about-anythings are all the rage these days.  While it's easy for travel businesses and car rental providers to claim to be "green" in one way or another to get a leaf up on the competition in this new earth-minded market, is there any way for you, the consumer, to ensure your next holiday doesn't contribute to our earth's fever? is one website that offers just that opportunity to travelers.  No matter where your next destination is, how you travel, whether you stay at an ecolodge or the Hilton, you can now manage your carbon footprint all with a few clicks of your mouse.  Carbonica creates certified and registered carbon reduction projects along internationally recognized standards to offset your carbon footprint and mitigate climate change.  

Like buying our earth a nice bouquet for mother's day, you can make up for this summer holiday by completing Carbonica's holiday carbon footprint calculator and purchasing offsetts.  For just over £48 I can offset the 6.93 Tonnes of carbon my hypothetical family of four put out on our five day trip in Paris from London.  This includes travel by car rental, and I selected for no public transportation.  

While automakers are busy working on a long term plan that will make car rental a greener choice for vacation, you can opt to offset your carbon as opposed to planning a vacation around places where you can bicycle or limiting your family to the attractions they can walk to.  

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