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Car Rental Cancellation Policy

If there's one thing frequent travelers learn its to expect the unexpected.  Sometimes plans change, and here at we understand that.  Thats why reservations made through our booking engine are backed with a fair and clear cancellation policy.

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When your flight is cancelled, when you have a family emergency, when for any reason you need to cancel your car rental its important to understand the policy exactly to avoid paying extra fees and to be reimbursed if possible.  The two most important parts of our policy are: 1) you must cancel a minimum of 48 hours before you are due to pick up your car rental; and 2) all cancellations must go through our Cartrawler Website. 

Timing is Everything

If you wait until the last minute to cancel your car rental its going to cost you, and that should be expected.  If you cancel your car rental within 48 hours before the rental of the vehicle is due to commence you will not be reimbursed, unless you have already paid the entire rental amount, in which case CarTrawler will retain 3 days of your rental fee and a card processing fee.  

Only Through CarTrawler

It's important that you only go through the CarTrawler Website to cancel a car hire from our booking engine.  If you go through the car rental provider directly then you may face additional charges.  

For more information including the specific details of our cancellation policy Please read our Booking Engine Terms And Conditions.  A link to this document can also be found at the end of our booking process, just before you confirm your booking.

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