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Burpies Everywhere!


Who knows what a burpie is?  No, it's not a cute way to expel gas from your mouth while eating or drinking, or the next 22oz drink craze to hit the petrol stations.  Though not all travelers by car rental are fitness fanatics and not all of the exercise obsessed like to travel, occasionally the two come together and the result can make for some rather fun travel journals.

Starting from a standing position bend down and touch the ground, then jump your feet back into upper push-up position.  Next, jump your feet back up to your hands and stand up straight.  Congratulations!  You've just done you're first burpie.  Simple yet physically demanding like military calisthenics, burpies are guaranteed to increase your heart rate, quicken your breath, and bring a little sweat to your forehead.  Do enough of them and you can see real results, like pants that fit better and less jiggly bits as you walk down the beach in your next destination by car hire.

Inspired by the incredibly popular fitness blog BodyRock.Tv, several travelers have posted "Burpies Everywhere" videos, featuring exercise junkies doing a few reps of their favorite body-busting burpies in awesome locations around the world.  Here is my favorite of these videos, made by a couple on their honeymoon.  The video shows clips of his burpies in several cities, including Marseille, Paris, Palma de Mallorca, Madrid, Venice, Rome, and a few others.  Even if you find his Burpies Everywhere to be more of an obsessive behavior than a fun aerobic way to tour Europe, the video gives a lovely glance at some of the beloved cities and monuments you could tour in Europe by car rental.

Get fit and have fun while making your own Burpies Everywhere video with a car hire from  Be the first to do Burpeis Everywhere in the United States with a cheap USA car rental.

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