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Boarding Passes on Mobile Phones

Mobile phone technology is showing a growing impact on the airline industry. How fast can you get through the airport? That may soon depend on how many travelers sharing your flight have a smart phone. Reserving a cheap car hire online to wait for you at the airport isn't the only way to use technology to advance your travel these days.

Introducing mobile boarding passes. Both vendors and airlines show significant market progress for mobile ticketing, according to Juniper Research. They say within two years we can expect about one of every seven coded boarding passes worldwide to be delivered via mobile phone, which equates to 480 million mobile boarding passes!

Juniper's new Mobile Ticketing for Transport Market report also shows potential for train travel and suburban metro systems. We may be looking at a not too distant future when as long as you can keep track of your phone you won't have to worry about tickets for transit. However, you may still need that airport or train station car hire to get around once you arrive to your destination.

For those not up with the smart phone generation with no plans to join anytime soon, not to worry, your paper-ticket world is not in jeopardy. Juniper's new report contains a five year forecasting that doesn't even come close to "out with the old," though savvy mobile users can look forward to a lot of "in with the new."

For many locations where your cell phone may not have service it is possible to reserve a local mobile phone, as well as other useful items such as snow chains and child seats, along with your car rental.

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