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Treasures of the Ancient Americas


I'm super fascinated by ancient structures.  Especially mysterious ancient structures, pyramids, and remnants of civilizations that we know very little about.  Due to the all-out destruction of libraries, temples, and thousands of codices, very little is known about the ancient civilizations of the Americas.  What we have left today are the puzzling ruins; examples of forgotten architecture, sculptures of abandoned gods, and the last shadows of once great cities that defy imagination.  Hire a car rental from for your next tour of an ancient city.

Earlier this year I visited the most famous ancient pyramid complex in Mexico, Teotihuacan by car rental from Mexico City Airport.  It was a thrilling experience that left me craving for more.  I can't wait until the next time I get the chance to travel, I will definitely plan a trip to such a place with a window back into time.

Along with my visit to the ancient ruins of Mexico I was reading an excellent book about ancient civilizations called The Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock.  Like an alternative guidebook, I was reading the unofficial theories which challenge the age and purpose for structures like Teotihuican.

I have since decided I would love to see all the ancient ruins throughout Central America, and one place I'm definitely interested in visiting is Honduras.  One of the most recently discovered and most significant Mayan ruins is located in Honduras, Chitzen Itza, along with a few other prominent sites you can easily visit by car rental from Tegucigalpa Airport.  

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