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A Car Hire For Visiting Family?

Deciding whether to book a car hire during a stay with family is always a tough decision. Family members often insist on picking you up at the airport and can be very accommodating, taking you where you need to go during your stay, but are the savings on a car hire worth the cost of your freedom?

I'll be traveling back home over the holidays to visit family for the first time since moving out of town and this is the dilemma I will soon face. It gets even more complicated since I now have a young daughter who will need a car seat. Should I allow my generous family to be so accommodating as to fit a car seat into one of their cars for my stay or should I just reserve a car seat along with a car hire?

It shouldn't be too hard to find a spare child seat among my siblings and cousins, who all have kids themselves, but then again I don't want to add any inconvenience to anyone's already hectic holiday plans. It does sound nice to book a car rental with a car seat already installed and ready to go so that my visit doesn't have to be a chore for any family member.

Lastly, with a cheap car rental I can make the most of my time in town and not worry about borrowing someone's car, asking for rides, or taking a cab. Although the idea of renting a car in my home town does feel a bit like pretending its some kind of vacation that it isn't, it does have quite the list of pro's and with good deals on car rentals from Charlotte Airport online, not too many cons.  

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