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Donetsk Airport car hire

Airport Code: DOK

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The car rental services from Donetsk International Airport are provided through the international arrivals area.  Car rental services inside the airport are provided by Budget Rent A Car.

Additional Airport Information

Airport Name: Donetsk, Ukraine

Airport Code: DOK

Telephone: 0900-31-6571, 062-341-0482


Address: 83021, Ukraine, Donetsk, Airport

Population: 975,959


Royal Marine Aquapark

Royal Marine, Donetsk

Opening in the summer of 2012, the Donetsk Royal Marine Aquapark will be the highlight of any family tour of Donetsk by car rental.  Featuring the world's largest retractable aluminum dome, the park is designed to be protected from the elements indoors, or open up to 50% of its structure to the sunlight and fresh air.  Enjoy a fun- filled afternoon on water slides, splashing around with the kids.

Forged Figures

Forged Figure Park, Donetsk

Like an outdoor museum for smith craft, the Forged Figures Park is a completely unique attraction by car rental in Donetsk.  Displaying the most impressive masterworks of smith workers around the world, the park holds an annual International Smithcraft Festival, and the best art of the show is added to Donetsk's permanent collection in the park.

Artema Street

Church, Artema Street

Drive your Donetsk car hire through the main part of town down the First Line Avenue.  Passing many of the city's greatest sights, Artema Street is both historical and stylish with just the right mix of old and new.  Stop at the old Opera & Ballet Theater, or pick up the latest Ukraine fashions at a local boutique.

Day Trips


Central Bridge, Dnipropetrovsk

Quite the mouthful for the non-native speaker, part of the attraction for travelers to visit Dnipropetrovsk is simply because they can; until the 1990s foreigners were prohibited from the city due to its important role in Soviet military industry.  Features in Dnipropetrovsk include a beautifully painted cathedral, an intriguing military mueum, and the Monument of Glory which overlooks the scenic Dnieper River.



The land "beyond the rapids" was named for its location on the Dniepr river, which was notoriously difficult to pass before the Dniproges Dam.  On a day trip from Donetsk International Airport by car rental you can visit the stunning granite cliffs of Khortytsia Island, or check out Dniproges Dam, once the largest dam in Europe and still quite impressive.  


Cathedral, Lugansk

Enjoy a nice leisurely walk through the town of Lugansk on a day trip by car rental from Donetsk.  Featuring a new and old town center, Lugansk is quite small and possible to cover on foot in a day, where you will pass beautiful stone statues, Ukraine cinema, and lovely cafes in the old center.


Donbass Palace

80 Artyoma St. 

+38 (062) 343 43 33, +38 (062) 343 43 34


142a Artyoma St.,Kyivskiy District
+38 (062) 343 43 33, +38 (062) 343 43 34

Airlines Providing Airport Services to Donetsk, Ukraine

  • Aeroflot
  • Aerosvit Airlines
  • Austrian
  • Czech Airlines
  • Donbassaero
  • Flydubai
  • Georgian Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Transaero
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Ukraine International
  • UTair

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